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Bridging the gap between female science and women’s lives

Hey there, I’m Dana! An educator, speaker, and writer on all things women’s health. My passion is translating the most up-to-date, evidence-based research in women’s health for every woman to understand. I am dedicated to this mission in the following ways:


providing one on one help to women in their reproductive years


educating larger groups at both virtual and in person events


translating scientific content for a larger audience

Let's Work Together


Helping women in their reproductive years (age 15-40) who are looking for an individualized education on these topics, are concerned about a potential issue and don’t know where to go next, or have been tossed around the medical system and want further support. I offer both one on one and group consultations.

Speaking Engagements

Educating larger groups at both virtual and in-person events across a diverse network of businesses – from wellness studios/cafes to coworking/corporate talks. A sample video is available upon request.


Translating scientific content for a larger audience. I specialize in making complicated or dense women’s health topics understandable, relatable, and engaging so that women can understand the value of a particular product or service in the greater context of their lives.

About Me

My passion for this subject began while searching for a diagnosis for debilitating health issues in my early twenties, I learned the hard way that my biggest disadvantage was a lack of basic understanding about my own body. I decided to take this into my own hands and was able to teach myself back to good health through solutions in female-focused science. Once in good health, I realized how powerful this information was for my daily life.  I resolved to dedicate my career to helping other women obtain this fundamental information to guide them through their lives – whether dealing with health issues or everyday decision-making around their health. 

I am currently completing a Master of Science in Women’s Health from the University College of London (#5 in the world in Sciences and Public Health, #3 in the world in research journal publications) where I conduct research on menstrual health. My specific research interests are in menstrual health disorders, the intersection of menstrual health and women’s fitness, and gender bias in healthcare. I also have a HHC through the Women’s Integrative Health Institute and a B.S. in Human Development from Vanderbilt University. 

In my free time, I enjoy trail running and hiking (especially around Africa!), teaching Pilates and finding ways to incorporate chocolate into healthy recipes.

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